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    Russian Missile Strike on Kerch Bridge Captured On Camera

    Russian Missile strike was unleashed on Kerch bridge against multiple Ukrainian cities.
    The missiles smashed civilian targets including downtown Kyiv where at least eight people were killed.
    The intense, hours-long attack marked a sudden military escalation by Moscow. It came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin called a Saturday explosion on the huge bridge connecting Russia to its annexed territory of Crimea a โ€œterrorist actโ€ masterminded by Ukrainian special services.
    ย Ukraineโ€™s military claims that it has killed 440 Russian troops over the last 24 hours and destroyed various military equipment. Kyiv has accused the Russian troops of robbing offices, pharmacies and homes in the Kherson region. Russian forces claim that they have killed over 100 Ukrainian troops in the Kupiansk region in the last 24 hours.

    Update – A Russian missile strike in the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia killed at least 20 people, as per local authorities.

    Russian divers are examining the damage caused by explosions on the Kerch Bridge. Zelensky has said that Ukrainian forces are engaged in difficult battles with Russian troops near the town of Bakhmut. Russian foreign ministry has said that the Western nations are not interested in peace in Ukraine. Germany says it is probing suspected sabotage on its rail infrastructure after facing disruptions on October 8th.
    According to a post, within 60 minutes, the city has experienced more than 10 simultaneous bombings.
    Onlookers feared the worst with many civilians stuck on Crimea bridge.
    Road services and the emergency services started working at the scene of the fire suspending traffic over the damaged bridge.
    Nevertheless, people who were stuck are placed in the Kerch airport. About 150 people were placed there.
    So far, the latest update confirms that Russia responded to the Kerch Bridge sabotage by launching 83 missiles at downtown Kiev and other #Ukraine cities. According to journalist Oscar Mario Beteta, the death toll is still unknown.

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