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    SA: Courtnaé Paul Reacts To Claims LGBTQ Community Runs Ent. Industry

    SA: Courtnaé Paul Reacts To Claims LGBTQ Community Runs Ent. Industry. South Africa is the pioneer in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights on the African continent.

    As much as that is the case, it looks like the country is yet to win the equality of LGBT.

    Courtnaé Paul Reacts To Claims That The LGBTQ Community Runs The Entertainment Industry

    The appointment of Bujy on a GBV television show after beating up rapper Boity has triggered a narrative of favouritism towards the LGBTQ community in the entertainment industry.

    I said this before The industry is ran by the LGBTQ mafia Somizi is going back to idols and now Bujy is hosting a show about GBV after he just knocked the lights out of Boity Being part of the LGBTQ means you can get away with anything.” Said a Twitter user.

    The alleged favouritism towards LGBTQ+ people in the entertainment industry has prompted acclaimed hip hop DJ Courtane Paul to express his own thoughts on the allegations. Paul revealed that she has yet to reap the benefits promised to LGBTQ people in the entertainment industry. “As a member of the LGBTQI community and someone in the industry who hasn’t benefited from it – it’s actually been harder.” She said.

    The DJ further mentioned that she is surprised how gay people are all of a sudden taking all the blame on GBV cases happening in the country. “I’m surprised at how you bypassed the first fact, which is that they’re both men. But let’s blame the gays for GBV in a whole SA.” Said Courtnae.

    The acclaimed dancer and hip hop DJ has represented South Africa at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Poland. Recently, she was nominated for the Breaker Of The year Award.

    Source: SAHi[hopMag

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