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    Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Olivia Colman add to MCU backstory in Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ on Disney+

    HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES — Samuel L. Jackson is coming to the streaming world with a new six-episode series on Disney+.

    He’s back as Marvel’s Nick Fury, the founder of the Avengers, in “Secret Invasion.”

    Fury is back to help stop the Skrulls, a technologically advanced race of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids, from taking over the Earth. Translation? Nick and company are out to save humanity.

    It’s a common theme in Marvel stories. Jackson loved returning to the role and working alongside Oscar winner Olivia Colman.

    “I do. I do. I couldn’t believe my luck when they told me that she had agreed to do this thing,” Jackson said. “And I was like, ‘Seriously? Really? OK.'”

    And for Colman, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe was an easy “yes.”

    “I love the MCU! I do! I love all arts forms — theater, I love telly, I love smaller art films, I love big films,” Colman said. “But I really have enjoyed the MCU over the years, particularly since my elder kids were little. And we’ve all watched it together,”

    Cobie Smulders first entered this world about a dozen years ago.

    “I think the audience is going to discover a lot of things about Fury that they maybe were interested in, like, where does he live? Does he have relationships? Does he have romantic relationships? Does he have hobbies? What is his life?” Smulders said. “I mean, Fury is such a man of mystery, and this is really sort of pulling back those layers.”

    Jackson is especially happy that this isn’t just all about him.

    “It looks like a Nick Fury series, but all those faces that are on that poster have their own arc that pays off in this series, and that pays off for me in a real way,” said Jackson. “And it’s not them supporting me, it’s them filling in the spaces that need to be filled to make this a complete story.”

    “Secret Invasion” begins streaming on Wednesday on Disney+.

    Disney is the parent company of Marvel Studios and this ABC Company.


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