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    San Pedro Los Angeles Shooting At Peck Park Leaves 2 Dead 5 Injured

    Gunfire erupts near Peck Park, in San Pedro, Los Angeles California. The incident took place near a car on N. Western Avenue just before 4 p.m. Mastick said although the shooting was in the vicinity of the show where hundreds of people had gathered, it was not immediately clear if it happened at the show itself.

    Bullets struck seven people, 2 of them died. Four people are in critical condition.

    According to officials, Police say the incident began as a dispute between two people in the area of the baseball diamond at the park. According to ABC 7 it was not considered an active-shooter situation.

    Police are investigating the likelihood there was more than one shooter exchanging gunfire.

    Witnesses said hundreds of people were gathered for the car show and other activities around the park. When gunfire erupted, people immediately ran from the scene in terror.

    According to police nearly 500 people attended Peck Park.

    Police arrested no suspects so far. However, police recovered weapons. Additionally stating the number of shooters as unknown, Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Kelly Muniz said. A witness told The San Diego Tribune that she was watching a softball game when the shooting began. She said she ran and fell and saw people struck by gunfire, including a woman who was bleeding from the elbow and a man shot in the calf.

    The injured were ages 3 to 54, Los Angeles Fire Capt. Erik Scott said during the news conference.

    According to Mastick, a white Mercedes-Benz may have been involved in the attack.

    Officer Luis Garcia said the large number of officers ordered to the incident inspired police to declare a citywide tactical alert, which allows officers to remain on duty past their shifts and permits them to receive overtime pay.

    The fire department broke down the seven total injury cases as four males and three females.

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