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    Scam artists using artificial intelligence

    Scam artists are using A.I. to make fraudulent texts and emails more convincing

    ATLANTA — Fraud claims are up dramatically in 2023, and scam artists are now using artificial intelligence to polish their efforts.

    Among the common holiday scams are texts and emails claiming there’s a problem with one of your online gift orders. Criminals will provide links that will open the door for them to invade your holiday cheer. This year, artificial Intelligence is helping criminals write their texts and emails in a more convincing way.

    “All of that’s a new game now,” said Kathy Stokes, AARP’s director of fraud prevention. “It’s making what’s already been hard to establish as fraud harder to discern. There’s a lot of risk out there, sadly.”

    An AARP survey asked shoppers if they’d been targeted by bogus claims of delivery problems with an online order. 29% of the people surveyed last year said yes. It’s up to 53% this year.

    In addition to the delivery problem scam, the holidays bring charity scams and online shopping scams.

    Stokes says Artificial Intelligence is helping scammers mimic voices and convince scammers they’re talking with a relative in need of help.

    “Any technology innovation is a big win for today’s fraud criminals, and I think that generative artificial intelligence is like the industrial revolution,” said Stokes.

    The signs of fraud are the same.

    Be wary of any text or email with a link, even if it looks like it’s from a legitimate source.

    Don’t respond to anyone who is pushy or plays on your emotions.

    “What they want to do is get you nervous,” said Stokes. “Oh my gosh, there’s a problem with my bank,’ and you click on that link or phone that number. Don’t do either of those things.”

    AARP’s survey included a “fraud knowledge quiz.” This year, respondents scored lower than they did a year ago.

    You can take the quiz and learn more about holiday fraud by clicking this link, which will take you to the AARP website.


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