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    Scandalous Audio Recordings Being Used Against Rep. Lauren Boebert has obtained scandalous audio recordings from witnesses that will be used against Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert in the federal defamation lawsuit filed by the political watchdog group that wants her out of Congress.

    The shocking evidence was filed by David B. Wheeler, the head of American Muckrakers, who claimed the MAGA-loving Boebert badmouthed him on national television after his group claimed she had two abortions, smoked methamphetamine, and once worked as an escort on the website

    Wheeler believes the smoking gun audio recordings will convince Colorado Judge Kathryn A. Starnella to shoot down Boebert’s motion to dismiss the case based on her claim that she had a right to defend herself against the false allegations.

    The crucial hearing on the motion is set for October 5. Wheeler filed his lawsuit in June, charging Boebert went on a slash-and-burn campaign to publicly discredit him.

    If the case moves forward, Wheeler plans to subpoena Fox News big mouth Sean Hannity and other top executives to prove the two-term Boebert used her political clout and taxpayer dollars to allegedly initiate a smear campaign that triggered a 92-percent drop in the group’s donations.

    In one recording, a woman is heard detailing one incident where Boebert was allegedly using drugs with a man who lived in an area designed for transient truckers.

    “She invited me over this his man camp… I went to see them, and they were hot boxing meth in a little camper,” the woman claimed, referring to the druggie lingo of inhaling smoke while enclosed in a car or location with zero ventilation.

    “It was really gross,” said the woman, who declined to name. “We lost touch for a while but every now and again she’d call me, and she said that he beat her up. And then the next call was, ‘I’m pregnant!’ It’s like ‘Oh no.’”

    Another former male friend is heard on the recording describing how Boebert allegedly shacked up with a man while her now-estranged husband Jayson Boebert was in New Orleans.

    “I went over there one day, and she had another guy in her house…doing meth, I was like what the f—,” the man said. “She just pissed me off, man, and like I tried to be friends were her. I’ll tell you what man ‘judge not before, lest you be judged’ because take the speck out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of somebody else’s eye.”

    “She’s a hypocrite.”

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    Wheeler also sent the recordings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado in an effort to spark an investigation after Boebert was spotted vaping inside a Denver theater and caught on video surveillance allegedly groping her hunky date before getting tossed out.

    If the case goes to trial, Wheeler plans to depose Boebert who is currently running for a third term.

    “I’ve had lawyers say they would pay me to be in the room for Boebert’s deposition,” Wheeler told last month. “This will be the mother of all depositions because she’s opened so many cans of worms. We’re going to talk about Jan. 6th, we’re going to talk about abortions and everything else… We’re going to hold her feet to the fire.”

    Boebert has denied all of Wheeler’s allegations, famously declaring in court documents that she has “never been a drug addict or stripper.”

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