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    See Why Lori Harvey Relationship Red Flags Interview With Teyana Taylor Was Not About Michael B Jordan

    Lori Harvey and Teyana Taylor sat for some girl chat that revealed relationship red flags for Harvey. Some speculate that Michael B Jordan must’ve waved one, since the tow split out of nowhere.

    But she debunked those rumors. The date of the interview occurred prior to Her and Jordan’s break up.

    She took a photo of herself in the outfit worn during the interview. Under the photo marked the date May 19,2022. The two allegedly split in June.

    Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey dated over a year. According to reports the two separated in June. But some outlets blamed it on Harvey. Claiming she refused to settle down. During, her chat with Teyana Taylor, Harvey opened up about how her dating life has helped her grow.

    On Taylor’s Bumble series titled “Luv 2 See It with Teyana Taylor,” Lori disclosed what she considers a red flag in relationships. The 25-year-old said at the 1:59 mark of the interview, “I would say if you are too close to your exes, that’s a red flag.”

    Lori Harvey relationship red flags included friendliness with an ex. The SKN CEO clarified that she doesn’t mind her partner being cordial with the ex: “Cordial, okay, you speak. I don’t want y’all to have beef because then it gets messy.”

    Taylor then asked if the exes’ friendly relationship was genuine, while laughing, Harvey responded, “It’s not adding up for me.”

    The SKN by LH CEO wrapped up the conversation by saying if the roles were reversed, would her partner be accepting of her being friendly with an ex? She said, “But also to, on the flip, how would you feel? Are you cool if I’m cool with my exes?”

    This time it seemed more women understood and supported her nontraditional way of dating.

    One person said, Women are realizing more and more that we hold the power to our happiness and if something isn’t for us there’s no need to force it. It doesn’t make the other individual a bad person or less worthy of the love they seek. They’re just not for us and that’s okay. I can see Lori really really loves herself so in the end she’ll be happy, regardless!

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