Selena Gomez speaks out about her kidney transplant. Selena appeared on “Good Morning America” today to talk about her surgery.
Her battle with lupus began five years ago. Selena decided to share the information with her fans in an effort to raise awareness of the deficiency.
Lupus usually harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. In her case the diseases attacked her kidneys.
Selena told good Morning America, that she didn’t realize how much it was effecting her body. Although, Selena has always shown strength in her performances her physical abilities were under attack.
Francia Raisa, Selena’s best friend describe her battle.
Francia tells Good Morning America:
One Day Selena returned home and she couldn’t stop crying. She tried to open a water bottle and couldn’t open it”
In an effort to save Selena’s life Francia Her new kidney was turning arouded to get tested as a match to Selena’s kidneys. Luckily Francia was a match.
The day before Surgery Francia and Selena were told not to eat after midnight. Francia told GMA “we stuffed our faces”. The battle was so scary that Francia had to write a will. There is no guarantee that you will wake up. Although, Francia and her mom have a great relationship she did not even want to come to the surgery. Francia says she didn’t want to come until it was over. She was torn between fear of her daughter dying and Selena not having a chance to live. As a result, Francia survived.. However, Selena had to go in a second time.
Selena tells GMA after the surgery was done she started hyperventilating. Although, the kidney was healthy it started turning around in her body. It was a 6 hour surgery compared to the normal of 2 hours. Successfully, surgeons were able to fix the issues.
Both Selena and Francia believe their friendship was fate. Selena says Francia saved her life. As soon as she got her transplant her arthritis went away. Her energy has improved. As Selena continue her interview she is flowing with tears.

from Selena’a instagram
From Selena’s Instagram


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