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    Selena Quintanilla Outfits Were Futuristic Fashion

    If you were to take a look at Selena Quintanilla’s outfits throughout her career, you would see that they were ahead of their time. She was often wearing futuristic fashion that other celebrities hadn’t even dared to try yet. And while some of her styles may not be as popular today as they were then, she definitely helped pave the way for future fashion trends. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next outfit, why not take a cue from Selena Quintanilla? You might be surprised by how modern her looks still are.

    The Velour Outfit

    For instance, the velour outfit she wore for her Coke a Cola Ad. Velour was major fashion in the early 2000’s. Remember, how there was almost not one hip hop video featuring someone either rocking velour or a jersey.

    The Sheer Tops

    She was also very well known for wearing a sheer top with the bra underneath. Fast forward to the Oscars 2022. Many of the celebs are rocking sheer. Even Rihanna has been sporting sheer while pregnant and she is the Queen of not letting anyone beat her outfit. A young Selena knew this was hot back in the early 90’s.

    The Sparkly Jumpsuit

    Oh, and let us not forget her iconic purple jumpsuit. In the early 90’s era many performers were wearing long gowns or two pieces on stage. Selena’s sparkling purple jumpsuit influenced today’s culture. Artist like Beyonce who ran into Selena as a young girl in a mall have also sported similar outfits during performances. JLO who played Selena in her biopic, was also influenced by her style. Ashanti was also one of the many to trend this style.

    Selena Quintanilla Outfits were so futuristic that they weigh in as one of the top outfits for Halloween. Over 20 years later and people can’t get enough of the artist’s style.

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    What was your favorite Selena outfit?

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