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    Shartia Divine: The Making of Daddy’s Girl

    Shartia Jones bka Shartia Divine shows her divinity through hosting and expressing herself with lyrics and writing.
    She enjoys hosting: it’s a true passion of hers and she finds it to be truly rewarding; satisfying her on both the personal and professional levels.
    Ms. Divine hosts events as an emcee and as the co-host of a television show aired throughout the Chicagoland area.

    Grateful for her communication ability, Shartia has had the opportunity to record voice-overs for various corporations and such. One of the commercials was featured on two of Chicago’s most prominent radio stations, WGCI and V103.
    Shartia Jones known as Shartia Divine developed her name through her experiences in life.

    I believe in having faith. Divine & truly powerful faith in God and within myself…

    What does Divine mean to you?

    Divine Means excellence & I pour my passion into everything that I do. My goal is to offer the very best of me as I write, host, motivate, inspire and beyond.

    I also try to share love, positivity and great energy wherever I go. I want to share delightful experiences with others.

    How can someone express divinity?

    Therefore my 3 things are:

    1. Powerful Faith
    2. Striving for Excellence
    3. Delightful Experiences

    There are so many powerful names you could havr used, how did you choose Divine?

    I received my name by talking with my (then) mentor Dr. Garrard McClendon. He said I should use my first name, it was powerful, unique and beautiful. Then, he suggested that I come up with something other than my official last name. (He gave me a few days to. complete this task)… during these moments in life, Divine fell into my spirit and I felt it. My heart was so pleased and when I told him, he agreed that Shartia Divine was a keeper!

    Many people struggle with finding themselves, and using their characteristics and talents as an asset to others, however Shartia has the keys to creating divinity and loving who you are.

    Shartia Divine used her comfortness and passion to drive a high demand career with communication skills… that is divine!

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