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    Shay Mitchell Remembers Experiencing Prenatal Depression

    “It took a toll on me mentally.”

    “For the majority of it, I was so blessed and liked a lot of it, but the parts I didn’t like, I’m like, ‘Aww man. Wow,’” Mitchell recalled on the iHeartRadio podcast Katie’s Crib. “I want [Atlas to have a] sibling so bad but I don’t want to go through pregnancy again.”

    Mitchell explained that she didn’t know a lot about prenatal depression before she experienced it herself.

    “I only heard of postpartum [depression] so I was preparing myself for that but then when I was upset and not feeling my best during [my pregnancy,] I was like, ‘What’s this? Nobody talked about this! I should be so happy right now,’” the actor recalled. “So I’m nervous to go back in for that again.”

    Although Mitchell had a tough pregnancy, she said she would like to expand her family when the time is right.

    “I feel like if I’m home and I can be comfortable and I don’t put the pressure on myself for being on set, doing this, I will be more at ease,” she said.

    In the meantime, she’s enjoying all of those sweet cuddles with Atlas.

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