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    Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Keto Diet Results In Curve-Hugging Dress

    Sherri Shepherd Dazzles Showing Off Keto Diet Results In Curve-Hugging Dress

    Sherri Shepherd is showing off a lean and lovely figure courtesy of one of the most popular diets out there — in addition to a major overhaul of what she consumes and when.

    The 53-year-old comedian, actress and TV personality struck a fierce pose on Instagram in a form-fitting black dress while hanging out with a friend this week, and she looked fantastic.

    When asked by one of her followers for tips to slay in the same way as the star, Shepherd shared her current eating regimen.  It involves the ketogenic diet, which is a low carb and high fat option, as well as intermittent fasting (periods of fasting and eating) and clearly, lots of discipline.

    “i am doing keto… IF… no dairy… no beef… no pork… no alcohol (water & tea only)… no sugar … no artificial sugar … no eating after 7pm (8pm at the latest)… hope that helps,” she wrote.

    The change has paid off big time for Shepherd, who also has incorporated a lot of activity into her day to day, including dancing, going for walks multiple times a week, and even learning how to roller skate.

    Her efforts come after the star shared that she, like many people, gained weight while quarantining. She is now on a mission to get it off and keep it off.

    “I gained 25 pounds during the quarantine because there was just nothing to do,” she told Closer Weekly. “So I started the weight-loss journey with I love it because they give you an incentive to lose weight by winning money.”

    “It’s a six-month commitment,” she added of the weight-loss challenge. “Six months goes far towards creating a healthy lifestyle, which is what I love. They don’t tie you down to one certain type of diet. It’s like you are betting on yourself to lose the amount of weight over six months. My personal goal is to lose 15 pounds.”

    The beauty is certainly having success making her way to that goal. Check out the slay from Shepherd as of late.


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