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    Sidney Powell Pleaded for $1 Billion Dominion Defamation Lawsuit to Be Paused Days Before Pleading Guilty

    Donald Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell sought to delay a lawsuit filed against for pushing the election fraud scheme because she was facing criminal charges in Georgia, has exclusively learned.

    The bizarre request in federal court was filed just 16 days before she pled guilty to six misdemeanor counts for breaching the election system in a rural Georgia county in attempt to prove the election was rigged against her boss.

    Dominion Voting System filed a $1 billion defamation lawsuit against Powell January 2021 for falsely claiming the company programed their computers to dump Trump and tabulated the numbers in favor of President Joe Biden.

    Court documents showed Powell was reluctantly handing over discovery documents to Dominion since the lawsuit was filed but that came to a screeching halt in August when she was indicted for conspiracy in the Georgia election scheme.

    Dominion was at first agreeable to the delaying the discovery process but then realized Powell’s legal team was getting cagey about the documents fearing they could be used against her in the criminal case.

    “The criminal trial is set to begin on or about October 23, 2023,” stated a October 4 motion seeking to halt the civil case for 60 days.

    “To avoid being placed in what courts recognize as the ‘significant dilemma’ of having to respond to discovery and/or appear for a deposition in this action during an active criminal action, thereby having to decide whether to assert or waive rights under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, Ms. Powell requests a 60-day stay of discovery sought from her and Sidney Powell, P.C., for which she is the sole partner.”

    But Dominion shot back charging Powell wasn’t fully complying with the discovery process and filed a October 18 brief agreeing to give her 60 days if she handed over all the documents and electronic messages they requested.

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    “To the extent Ms. Powell also seeks a protective order absolving her of the obligations she already failed to meet regarding outstanding discovery demands, any such request is unwarranted and should be denied outright,” the brief stated.

    “Ms. Powell’s delay is the reason Dominion now must seek overdue document productions that Ms. Powell promised for document requests served 18 months ago.”

    The motion to delay the civil case is now moot since Powell suddenly pled guilty in Georgia and is expected to be sentenced to six years’ probation, pay a $9,000 fine, write an apology letter, and testify against her now 16 other co-defendants – including Trump.

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