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    Singer Michelle Williams Publishes Her Story About Depression

    Singer Michelle Williams has been candidly open about her struggle with depression. Back in 2018 Williams was engaged to long time friend Chad Johnson. She was all smiles, and socialites were happy for her. A few days ago reports surfaced that Michelle checked into a mental health facility. The singer also celebrated a birthday on Monday in which she was sent lots of love by Kelly Rowland.

    When Michelle checked out of the facility she seems to be all smiles.
    Singer Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child had a pep in her step the day after her birthday … and not long after she received treatment at a mental health facility.

    Essentially the couple received therapy to help with the depression and relationship.

    Michelle says, “It’s taught me to sit in my fears, face my fears. Sit in uncomfortable conversations instead of wanting to run,” Williams said. She explained both her and Johnson had to rework their minds to grasp the importance of partnership being that they had both been on their own for such a long time.
    “For us, you know I keep saying, as long as we’re good, it really doesn’t matter what the world thinks. We have to live our life and they’ll be onto something else in no time,” Johnson said.

    The relationship however wasn’t the only thing that contributed to singer Michelle Williams depression. In her new book Checking In she opens up about her journey through life and emotions.

    She said, I have been so excited to share the name of my book, the book cover and preorder link. I started this process in 2019 and now we are finally here! My new book Checking In will be available May 25, 2021. I share all the parts of my story. The good, bad and ugly! I am a transparent person and I leave nothing unsaid. I have stuff for the nosey folks too!! 😘😂

    Getting real about depression saved my life and I hope it can do the same for you!! I had to be intentional about checking in with myself, checking in with others and checking in with God.
    I love you guys and I made sure to add a link for pre orders!!
    We hope Michelle’s bravery in telling her story can get a testimony out of someone who needs to hear this.

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