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    Sister, Sister Celebrity Cameos And Guest Stars

    They got all the stars before they were stars, TBH!!!


    Taraji P. Henson

    ABC, Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 5, Episode 10 — “Two’s Company”

    Their Character: Taraji played Briana, a friend of Tia’s who attempts to help her find Tamera a boyfriend so that she’ll stop third-wheeling with Tia and Tyreke on all of their dates.


    Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

    ABC, Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 4, Episode 20 — “Inherit the Twin”

    Their Characters: At the peak of their All That and Kenan & Kel fame, the boys played Trevor and Todd, two new kids who get mixed up with Tia and Tamera when the twins bring a personal issue into Student Court.



    ABC, Logo / ©Logo/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Episode: Season 2, Episode 12 — “Put to the Test”

    Their Character: RuPaul played Marjé, a snooty store-owner to whom Lisa is trying to sell her custom gowns.


    Brittany Murphy

    ABC, Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

    Episode: (First appearance) Season 1, Episode 2 — “First Dates.”

    Their Character: Brittany played Sarah — Tia and Tamara’s super-cool school friend — over the course of six episodes in the first and second seasons.


    Donald Faison

    ABC, David Livingston / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 6, Episode 8 — “Greek To Me”

    Their Character: After he starred in ’90s classic, Clueless, and before he hit it big with Scrubs, Donald played Darryl — a drill sergeant-like fraternity guy in charge of Tamera’s boyfriend, Jordan (who is undercover attempting to expose the fraternity hazing process for the school paper).


    Christina Milian

    ABC, Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 4, Episode 1 — “When A Man Loves Two Women”

    Their Character: This was Christina’s TV debut! She played an unnamed girl who, much like Tia and Tamera, was duped into believing she was dating Roger (after his summer glow-up).


    Gabrielle Union

    ABC, Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

    Episode: (First appearance) Seasons 4, Episode 22 — “Guardian Angel”

    Their Character: Gabrielle played Vanessa, a prim-and-proper new friend of Tamera who makes Tia jealous. She seems really cool — until Tamera makes the discovery that Vanessa is a SHOPLIFTER. She went on to star in a few more episodes as a friend of both Tia and Tamera.


    Kobe Bryant

    ABC, Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 4, Episode 6 — “Kid-Napped”

    Their Character: An 18-year-old Kobe played himself, showing up at Tia and Tamera’s school on the arm of their nemesis, Melissa, as one of her celebrity “friends.”


    Daphne Maxell Reid

    ABC, Moses Robinson / WireImage

    Episode: Season 4, Episode 10 — “Double Exposure”

    Their Character: The second incarnation of Fresh Prince‘s Aunt Viv — Daphne — played Charmagne, Ray’s very forward coworker (She’s also married to Tim Reid — aka, Ray — IRL, which makes this “frisky” cameo all the more hilarious and adorable).


    Keiko Agena

    ABC, J. Merritt / FilmMagic

    Episode: Season 2, Episode 13 — “Kid In Play”

    Their Character: Long before she played the beloved Lane on Gilmore Girls, Keiko played an unnamed student journalist who interviewed a very cocky Tamera — who just became star of the school play.


    Phill Lewis

    ABC, Alberto E. Rodriguez

    Episode: Season 2, Episode 11 — “Field Trip”

    Their Character: In a hilariously opposite role to his buttoned-up Mr. Moseby, Phill played too-cool-for-school, laid-back teacher Ed Berry, whose kindness the girls take advantage of, wrecking havoc in a museum. (In later seasons, he ALSO came back and played a completely different character — Clifton McNair — who helped Ray run his campaign.)


    Lisa Leslie

    ABC, Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images

    Episode: (First appearance) Season 5, Episode 16 — “Ladies Choice”

    Their Character: Lisa played herself in several episodes beginning with this cameo in Season 5. After Tia impresses Lisa at a book signing, the WNBA star to puts a good word in for her for a job with the company — causing a worried rift between Lisa and Tia.


    Kyla Pratt

    ABC, Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 6, Episode 21 — “The Road Less Traveled”

    Their Character: In the same storyline as Lisa, Kyla played an unnamed youth basketball player who showed up in several of Tia’s daydreams, trying to convince her to intern with the WNBA in New York.


    Brian McKnight

    ABC, Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

    Episode: Season 6, Episode 5 — “The Grass Is Always Finer”

    Their Character: The singer played a college T.A. named Keith who Tia crushed on hard, ultimately leading to her and Tyreke breaking up in one of the more “OH NO” moments of the show.


    Molly Shannon

    ABC, Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 1, Episode 10 — “Wedding Bells & Box Boys”

    Their Character: Only one year before she became a Saturday Night Live superstar, Molly played an unnamed checkout clerk who makes the near-fatal error of questioning Lisa for bringing 13 items into the “10 Items or Less” checkout line.


    Michael Clarke Duncan

    ABC, Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection via

    Episode: Season 6, Episode 19 — “Before There Was Hip Hop…”

    Their Character: In a dreamy retelling of the rise of jazz icon Clarence Walker in the 1940s, Michael played Big Earl, a mean boss set on taking down the family’s jazz club.


    And finally — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    ABC, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Episode: Season 4, Episode 21 — “Slime Party”

    Their Characters: At the absolute HEIGHT of their ’90s domination, Mary-Kate and Ashley played themselves, competing against Tia and Tamera on a twin-themed episode of a game show.

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