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    Sisters Sasha and Malia Obama Enjoy West Hollywood Over The Week

    Sister Sasha and Malia Obama enjoyed West Hollywood over the week while their parents Barack and Michelle Obama visited Chicago.

    On Monday, the former president and first lady posted a photo from their early voting location in hopes of inspiring Americans to make their voices heard this election season.

    “Michelle and I voted early today. Now it’s your turn,” Barack wrote in a tweet alongside the photo. “Check your voter registration or update it at, then make a plan to vote early or on Election Day. Because every vote matters.”

    Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia were spotted in West Hollywood hanging out with friends during the week.

    Both girls styled in boho Sheek styles. 24-year-old writer, Malia sported combat boots and a green mid-thigh dress. Meanwhile, University of Southern California student Sasha Obama wore a patterned skirt over a pair of pants, along with a red shirt and black jacket. Additionally, dressing up the look, the 21-year-old sported a chocker and what appeared as a pendant necklace.

    Furthermore, Malia Obama took another day to shop for flowers at Trader Joes. some speculated she shopped for her boyfriend but that has not been confirmed. During Malia’s trip she wore light blue jean shorts, a tank, and green sweater.

    Both sisters, Sasha and Malia seem to be taking up as much opportunity in California as they can. Malia has been catching the bulk of the dating rumors as she’s appeared alongside several men due to her career as a writer. But the rumors don’t seem to get to her as she continues to grind hard for her future. Sasha has maintained the majority of her appearances lately on campus at USC. Living the young adult life both women have also been spotted paying for gas like many on the move Americans.

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