Slain Utah couple last seen alive in bar footage, talking about weirdo near campsite

The married couple shot dead in Utah was seen relaxing at a local bar the night before they went missing — when they told friends about a “weirdo” camping near them, according to a report.

Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Beck, 38 — who wed in April — smiled and chatted with friends in their Moab local, Woody’s Tavern, in footage obtained by the Daily Beast.

“We were just having a great time, having a couple of drinks, and all they said was there was a creep [staying] next to them,” said Kayla Borza, who was one of the last people to see the couple alive. 

“And that was it,” she said of the couple who were found slain four days later by a family friend.

“I don’t know why the creep wanted to kill them,” Borza told the outlet of the suspect they believe is responsible for the couple’s slaying.

Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Beck, 38.
Kylen Schulte (left), 24, and Crystal Beck, 38, had told friends and family about a “weirdo” camping near them.

The double slaying is one of the largest investigations ever undertaken by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, which has called in the FBI as well as the State Bureau of Investigation for help, Sheriff Steven White told Fox 13.

“Just know that everything is being done that we can possibly do, that is why we have asked for the additional resources,” White told the local station.

“We want to make sure we do it thorough, we do it complete and we do it right,” he said.

Schulte and Beck went to Woody’s “maybe once or twice a month,” manager Arielle Beck told the Daily Beast. They only hung out with Borza and a friend the last night there and “nobody followed them out the door,” she said.

The video captures the last time they were seen alive, with friends initially not concerned when they were not seen for a few days because they were “badasses” who knew how to defend themselves, friends said.

Their bodies were found Wednesday by one of Schulte’s family friends, Cindy Sue Hunter, 64, after getting a call from the missing woman’s frantic dad “begging” for help from his home more than 700 miles away in Montana.

Hunter decided to launch her own search after “hearing in my head and arguing with myself all day that I needed to go,” she told the outlet.

Schulte’s dad, Sean-Paul — who in 2015 also lost his 15-year-old son to gun violence — told Hunter about his daughter having mentioned “a creeper dude” making them want to move camp, she said.

Hunter said that during her search, she was “talking out loud to the girls, begging them to give me a sign.”

“My three dogs were looking at me like I was crazy,” she told the Daily Beast.

“I don’t want to say I had voices in my head, but I was told to ‘Go straight and hurry,’” Hunter said of how she finally found the couple’s car in an “easy to miss” side road.

The pair were seen on surveillance footage inside Woody's Tavern the night before they went missing.
The pair were seen on surveillance footage inside Woody’s Tavern the night before they went missing.

After calling the police, she was on the phone to Schulte’s dad when she found his daughter’s body, she confirmed.

“At that point, Sean was screaming at me to run back to my car,” she told the Daily Beast. “It’s silly to think the killer would still be there four days later, but we didn’t know. 

“I ran back to my car and locked the doors and called the police and said that I had found one of the bodies. 

“It felt like hours before they got there, the wait time was pretty hard,” she said, with officers finding both bodies when they finally arrived.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the couple had been shot dead and the case was being treated as a homicide. Authorities have yet to announce any arrests or identify a suspect. 

Hunter told the Daily Beast that she’s been “crumbling” emotionally and is only speaking out because “I desperately want this person, or persons, caught.”

“My heart is just ripped to shreds for what [the family] must be going through,” said Hunter, who first met Schulte’s dad when he was a “starving artist” whose work she displayed in her art supply store.

“I can’t fathom. They are hurting in ways we can’t even comprehend,” Hunter told the outlet.


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