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    Snowfall FX Season 4 Premiere Episodes Recap

    The war is just getting started!

    Last night, Snowfall gave fans not one, but TWO premiere episodes to kick off Season 4, and they did not disappoint!

    If you haven’t watched them yet, you might not want to keep scrolling because there are obvious 🚨spoilers ahead🚨

    Here’s what went down:

    First, on Season 4: Episode 1: “Re-Entry”:

    Prashant Gupta / Prashant Gupta / FX Networks

    After being shot by Melody, left him with a limp and dependent on a cane, Franklin took time away from the drug business to heal and re-evaluate his next moves. The episode begins with Franklin’s return and he quickly realizes things have been running pretty smooth without him — Aunt Louie has been handling the books and the storage of their product and money, Leon ensured the projects were on lock, Uncle Jerome managed the distribution, and Teddy and Gustavo’s (also known as Oso) partnership grew deeper as they dealt with pipeline issues.

    One of the biggest moments in the episode is when Franklin attempts to ease the tension between the Crips (Manboy and his crew) and the Bloods (Skully and his crew).

    Prashant Gupta / FX / Everett Collection

    Being the cunning man he is, Franklin tries to set Manboy AND Skully up to completely eliminate the rivals altogether during an ambush. Franklin tells Skully he’ll find a way for him to get revenge on Manboy. Then Franklin turns around and tells Manboy he’ll set up an ambush for Skully and his crew.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, Franklin is dealing with internal problems inside his own camp too. Leon isn’t really feeling the way Franklin’s been moving since he returned and he made it clear he had no interest in following orders from Louie.

    Prashant Gupta / FX / Everett Collection

    This isn’t the first time Franklin and Leon disagreed on something, but this one hit a little deeper. Their true emotions came out during Franklin’s New Year’s Eve party, when Leon noticed Gustavo was there. Leon still sees Gustavo and Lucia (remember her?) as the reason their childhood best friend Kevin got killed. So when Leon sees him, he goes off! Leon and Franklin head to the back of the club to talk and ultimately decide to go their separate ways.

    Damn, don’t they know “nobody wins when the family feuds?”

    Speaking of Gustavo, him and Teddy are forced to deal with the “new sheriff in town” who’s trying to monopolize off of their business.

    Near the end of the episode, we’re introduced to a journalist named Irene Abe. She covered the death of Melody’s dad, officer Andre Wright.


    She claims to be working on another story about the changes in the neighborhood, but she’s clearly trying to get more dirt on the slaying, with emphasis on Franklin.

    Something tells me she’s going to get the answers she’s looking for in the end.

    So, Irene tracks down Melody to get some answers. After her dad was killed, Melody moved in with her Aunt Bernice. She found the Lord and ultimately kicked her bad drug habit.


    Irene tried to get info out of Melody but Melody told her that that situation is all in God’s hands now. After pushing a little harder, the scene ends with the possibility that Melody might be willing to talk.

    Whew, y’all don’t know how happy I was to see Melody doing well! She went from college-bound to cracked DOWN!

    The episode ends with Franklin preparing to head out the door to get ready for the Skully/Manboy ambush, which led us into…”Season 4, Episode 2: “Weight”:


    The episode opens at the ambush. Franklin clearly didn’t think things through because things went bad really quickly. Skully notices something is off as soon as he pulls into the spot. After Skully shoots at a light, one of Manboy’s men gets trigger happy before receiving the signal, and ruins the whole plan.

    Listen, Skully trusted the vibes. I think we can all take note from that.

    No one on Franklin or Manboy’s team can 100% confirm if Skully is dead or alive, so Franklin gets nervous. He decides to warn his parents to stay somewhere else for a bit, while he lays low at his ex-girlfriend Tanosse’s house.


    Does anyone else think she’s up to something too? For some reason there’s something about her I don’t trust.

    Despite Manboy shooting Skully during the ambush and thinking he killed him, Skully is very much alive. There’s only one thing on his mind: payback!


    Now, not only is Skully after Manboy, but Franklin just became his number one target. Skully is seen extracting a bullet from his arm and masking the pain with whiskey.

    Can we all agree Skully is a different breed?!

    To help get the heat off of his back, Franklin meets up with Officer Nix, Officer Andre Wright’s old colleague. Franklin wants Nix to arrest the Englewood gang members in exchange for money.

    Meanwhile, Leon and his crew tried to venture out on their own by getting a new plug, but they failed.


    Without a new plug, they’re forced to cut their supply.

    Nix patrols the Englewood area with his cop buddies, but after visiting the projects, Nix is convinced he’s bitten off more than he can chew.


    With heavily armed gang members lurking in every corner, Nix starts to believe Franklin might have tried to set him up.

    Nix decides to pay a visit to Franklin’s dad Alton at work and threatens him to tell Franklin to pay him double for trying to set him up.


    Irene also drops by Alton’s job, desperately looking to dig more into the Saint family and for a source to connect her closer to Franklin.

    The episode ends with Gustavo visiting his brother only to find his family slain on the kitchen floor with the number “100000” written in blood.


    Gustavo then searches for the children to make sure they’re okay.

    Can you believe all of that happened in just two episodes? I can already tell this season is going to be WILD!

    Be sure to watch Snowfall every Wednesday at 10pm ET or streaming on Hulu the following day.

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