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    Snowfall Season 4 Premiere Reaction Tweets

    We did it, Joe! We got a Season 4. To celebrate, Snowfall came through with a back-to-back episode premiere.

    If you haven’t seen both episodes yet, you might want to hold off on viewing these tweets, because I’m not trying to get blamed for 🚨spoiling🚨 anything!

    Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some of the best and funniest tweets about last night’s episodes:


    I love how Stacy and Calvin came back and blessed our TVs to make history AGAIN. The wood and Paid in full will be talked about forever and I feel like Snowfall will be too. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @venusiandragyn


    Two great episodes of snowfall. The stakes are much higher this season. Franklin must figure out a new plan to end the war and Gustavo and Reed just been warned by the police in Mexico. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @TonyChennault_


    The creator of Snowfall, John Singleton, passed in 2019. He directed BoyzNTheHood, Poetic Justice, Shaft, Baby Boy, Four Brothers and so many other classics. Now, it’s Snowfall and John’s vision is still here with us beyond the grave. That’s black excellence fr, RIP. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @thejarius


    Officer Nicks wants double his hush money.
    Leon aint got no bricks and he beefing with Franklin.
    Manboy lied about killing Skully.
    Skully alive and well.
    Melody might flip.
    Franklin can’t even stand straight.


    Twitter: @TheJessieWoo

    Be sure to watch Snowfall every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET or streaming on Hulu the following day.

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