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    Solange Knowles Afro is so Iconic We Gathered 20 Times It Made A Statement

    Solange Knowles was the right person to write the song ” Don’t Touch My Hair”. The Afro queen has made several statements with her iconic afro being featured on major platforms where wigs and weave dominated.

    Not to mention, we have yet to see any other artist slay the afro look so naturally like Solange Knowles.

    Her afro is so iconic there are practically zero places that Solange will not rock a fro. You may catch Solange rocking her fro walking down the street, in a Calvin Klein spread, with family, or on stage.

    As she says in her lyrics, “It’s the feeling I wear”, and her feeling has always left us with great, foxy vibes.

    Contrary to popular belief in 2009, the artist spoke with Oprah about her natural do. Explaining that it was more than just a look, it was liberation. ‘I felt like when I took my weave out, I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t noticeable,’ she said.

    In 2012 after being questioned about her look, she took to Twitter saying, ‘I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very different reasons….I only reiterate this because this is nothing new for me’. Photos below show Solange rocking her afro in different colors.

    This may have been a sign of relief for many black women who now rock their afro or blown out natural hair on the regular.

    Fast forward from 2009 to 2021, an article stated that 40 percent of black women are now wearing their natural hair without any heat, and 33 percent with heat. Solange was named as a collective of Black women who pressed the look in the public entertainment industry. Erykah Badu, Lupita Nyong’o, Janelle Monáe, Tracee Ellis-Ross, and Viola Davis were also listed in that article.

    For us her afro was more than just her liberation, it was a liberation to the up-and-coming generation, the ones who first knew Obama as the president, the ones who saw the struggle of voting an Obama in office.

    So while the artist is busy doing things like opening up The Saint Heron library of black inspiration, she has also positioned her truth as a walking library for many, with a collective of inspirational appearances.

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