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    Spirit Airlines flight catches fire at Atlanta airport Video Footage

    A Spirit Airlines flight catches fire at the Atlanta Airport.

    The plane that landed at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport from Tampa, Florida. During the landing on Sunday morning, it caught fire on the runway, the airline confirmed.

    Atlanta Fire Rescue put out the fire after the brakes in the landing gear ignited at 9:25 a.m., the airport said in a statement to ABC News. There were no reported injuries.

    “Spirit Flight 383 from Tampa to Atlanta landed safely in Atlanta International Airport and upon landing one of the brakes overheated,” Spirit said in a statement on Sunday. “The aircraft was towed to the gate where Guests safely deplaned without any injuries. Thank you to the Atlanta first responders for immediately meeting the aircraft.” Additionally, stating The planes temporary removal from service for maintenance.”

    Passenger Scottie Nelms told Tampa Bay’s local FOX affiliate that the plane started making a “weird noise” from its left side upon landing.

    “Nobody knew what it was until we stopped completely in the middle of the landing strip,” Nelms told FOX 5. “We saw a flame coming from the engine and people and myself started freaking out.”

    Spirit Airlines Delays

    During the same day several flights experienced delays. Some flights delayed for more than two hours. Including flights from LAX to Las Vegas.

    Additionally, Spirit experienced issues with their online services. Prior to Sunday some Spirit travelers could not check in online during web usage. When contacting a representative via chat the hold time persisted over 30 minutes.

    We reached out to customer service support and a representative confirmed the issue. As well as stating the Spirit app as a resolution.

    Other passengers also experienced issues with the airlines assigned seats.

    The Transportation Security Administration said more than 11 million travelers experienced screening at airports across the United States from June 30 through and including July 4. Meanwhile, airlines canceled over 1,800 flights in or out of the United States, and over 22,000 more flights were delayed, according to Reuters.

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