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    Sports Illustrated Models Designer Natalia Fedner Supports Ukraine

    Sports Illustrated Models Designer Natalia Fedner Is Giving Back to Ukraine

    Sports Illustrated models designer Natalia Fedner uses funds from her company to give back to civilians in Ukraine.

    Fedner spoke out about being born in Ukraine but later moving to the states. The metal swimsuit designer, designed the latest bikini worn by MTV Catfish host Kamie Crawford.  Fedner also designed for artists Anitta and Tinashe.

    Fender became popular for making chain link apparel. In 2015 she spoke on Fox showing off a copper plated scarf. “I like to think of myself as a designer and an inventor. So, I’m always taking unconventional things and using them conventionally.”

    She spoke to Okera Banks about working on Lemonade with Beyonce. ” The last time I did one of these podcasts it was after I did Lemonade with Beyonce. I didn’t even know it was Lemonade. I knew it was under water, because they said it will have to get wet. There were many limits between Beyonce and me. But I got to go to set and pick things up, drop things off and I got to work with her stylist. I knew I got to work with Beyonce and I couldn’t tell anyone. The podcast was like what’s coming up for you. I was just like follow my Instagram cause sometime soon something big will be happen.” So it did as her designer mesh chain bra was featured in “Hold Up” .

    The Ukraine born designer spoke about the trend of her wearable art. “It’s made by hand, it’s made by me and a couple of other girls in my Italia. There so unique you’re not going to see anything that looks like that.”

    With so much opportunity created and accomplishments the now Sports Illustrated models designer is using proceeds to help Ukrainians in need.

    During her emotional interview she said, “I know some people are feeling a bit of fatigue, and I understand that. But it’s important to realize for the people in Ukraine things have not changed. They still need supplies.”

    When asked how much the war in Ukraine weighs on her she spoke in tears. “A lot, but that’s not fair to say. I talk to Ukranian designers who made it out of the country, and they have a lot of survivors remorse. I have to reassure them and say, no no, we are doing fundraising right here in Los Angelas. This money helps.”

    The best way to reach Natalia Fedner is via her IG. Link here.

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