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    Stephon Clark’s brother chants his name loud with his fist held high during his funeral. As he gave an emotional speech about making sure Stephon Clark’s children are taken care of in the wake of his unnecessary death, he also mentions Stephon’s wife. He talks about opening a library in Stephon Clark name comparing to the deeds that presidents receive after leaving office. During his speech a few times he was interrupted because his behavior seemed unusual.

    At one point he asked an official “Who do you work for, because you’re reading from notes”. He continues to say “These people didn’t even know my brother, they are all here for money. When no one wanted to help my brother I was there. I even gave him weed when he needed it”.

    Stephon’s brother asked for forgiveness for the mayor, and says the mayor is offering to get the library done and the resource center done. Socialites will definitely be looking for those proposals to be completed. But the ultimate ending he got a call from Puffy!

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