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    Student Killed In St Louis School Shooting Praise Danced To Lloyiso “If I Die Young”

    15-year-old student Alexzandria Bell was one of the victims killed during the St. Louis school shooting. As Bell’s family and friends shared her beautiful moments, Erica Acres posted a video of Alexzandria dancing to “If I Die Young” by Lloyiso for her mothers funeral.

    The song’s lyrics, “Lord, make me a rainbow. I’ll shine down on my mother. She knows I’m safe with you when she stands under my colors.”

    Over 25,000 times, socialites viewed the video and shared words of hope for the victims’ family.

    Alexzandria Bell passed away due to a school attack by 19-year-old Orlando Harris. The school is at Arsenal Street and South Kings highway near Tower Grove Park. A teacher, 61-year-old Jean Kuczka, was also killed. Kuczka taught health and physical education. She was, a mother of five, lived in the Dittmer area of Jefferson County.

    A 19-year-old gunman opened fire at the performing arts high school in St. Louis on Monday. According to CNN, at least two people were killed, and as well as at least seven others injured by the gunman before he was fatally shot while exchanging gunfire with the police.

    According to authorities’ chaos ensued shortly after 9 a.m. when the gunman entered Central Visual and Performing Arts High School.

    Saint Louis Public Schools’ twitter account announced the St Louis school shooting. The suspect, was taken into custody inside the performing arts school. He was pronounced dead a short time later, after exchanging gunfire with police, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said during an afternoon news conference.

    Additionally, reports say Orlando Harris left a not in his car prior to the shooting.

    “I don’t have any friends, I don’t have any family,” it read. “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” He continued, I’ve never had a social life. I’ve been an isolated loner my entire life. This was the perfect storm for a mass shooter.”

    Harris, a former student at the high school, had been working part time as a food services worker at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services since 2019, according to a representative from the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

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