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    Stylist Kollin Carter’s Artistry Brings Excitement To Music Videos

    Stylist Kollin Carter’s Artistry Brings Excitement To Music Videos
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    Creating a great song that people get excited to hear and sing their hearts out to is something that music lovers will always appreciate. But when artists take it a step further and create a music video to accompany the bop, it gives us a reason to fall in love even more. The music video allows us to visualize the story, transporting to where the artist’s mind was during its creation. A brief cinematic experience paired with beautiful melodies and eye-catching fashion are just two of the key components that help make a great music video. 

    Iconic stylists and custom wardrobe designers like Misa Hylton and June Ambrose were responsible for creating some of the most visually-appealing music videos in the ’90s and early 2000s. The stylists helped establish a distinctive swag and flair that helped communicate the message artists were sharing, while adding a hip-hop signature. Fast-forward a little further into the 2000s and the interest and anticipation for music videos has in fact dwindled. However, today there is a particular stylist and creative director who is stirring in his magical pot and pulling the excitement back to music videos one by one: Kollin Carter.

    Carter is one of the best at what he does, using his skills to craft an exaggerated and complimentary wardrobe. In Cardi B’s music video for ‘Clout’, Kollin created jaw-dropping monochrome looks using latex and bondage-like garments to complete the fantasy. For Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’, the stylist also appeared as a creative director in the credits. Carter created a complete alternate universe by dreaming up looks that coordinated perfectly with each room and scene that appeared in the video. In one scene Cardi was dressed in a full leopard ensemble to mimic her surroundings while Megan was draped in full zebra print with hair and a room to match. Clearly there are now new levels to monochrome.

    Now, when social media finds out that Kollin Carter is behind an upcoming music video, excitement and anticipation fills the Instagram and Twitter timelines. His latest music video project was for Normani and Cardi B’s ‘Wild Side’ and while we were all excited for Normani’s official return, we were even more excited to see how Kollin put his magic touch on the music video. He certainly did not disappoint. Other music video projects that Carter has styled includes Kelly Rowland’s ‘Hit Man’ and Cardi B’s ‘Up’. Most recently, Cardi and Lizzo dropped upcoming music video. From what we could see, both artists were covered in gold ensembles accessorized with gold Schiaparelli earrings that cover the entire ear — a moment. Of course, Kollin is also behind those incredible looks.


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