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    Superbowl Mistakes Mickey Guyton for Jhene Aiko – Celebrity Entertainment

    Superbowl mistakes Mickey Guyton for Jhene Aiko in celebrity entertainment news. Mickey Guyton and Jhene Aiko gave gorgeous performances of the National Anthem and “America The Beautiful” for the Superbowl Preshow.

    Country music artist Mickey Guyton kicked off Super Bowl festivities by performing the National Anthem at Sunday’s big championship game between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, held at L.A.’s SoFi Stadium.

    In the packed venue, Guyton stood atop the football-shaped pedestal in a long-sleeved blue dress. Throughout her performance, the broadcast cut to numerous NFL players, some listening with their eyes closed.

    Prior to Guyton’s performance Jhené Aiko delivered a performance of “America the Beautiful” from the field. Aiko, dressed in a sequined gown, was accompanied by a harpist, and her performance was intercut with footage of U.S. soldiers watching her performance from where they were stationed overseas.

    Mickey Guyton has been fighting hard to break stereotypes in celebrity entertainment when it comes to country music. In 2011 when she signed with UMG Nashville, she became (and she still is) the only Black female artist on the label. Guyton fought for a light in Nashville’s country music sector while relating to black women by creating a song called “Black Like Me”. According to Mickey Guyton the song made many Nashville country norms uncomfortable. She would go on to become the first Black woman to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance.

    Jhene Aiko has earned her own rights. Embarking in the merge of black creators in Disney, Jhene Aiko wrote and performed the song “Lead the Way”, which is featured in the end credits of the 2021 Disney animated film, Raya and the Last Dragon. She also covered the songs “In a World of My Own” and “Very Good Advice” from Alice in Wonderland in a mash-up for the 2015 tribute album We Love Disney. The mash-up version used by Aiko was then covered by YouTuber Tanner Patrick for Everybody Loves Disney.

    When Jhene Aiko’s name appeared in front of Mickey Guyton many who follow their journey in breaking barriers were shocked. Some said, “who hired a rookie”. What are your thoughts on the production crew mistaking Mickey Guyton for Jhene Aiko?

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