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    Sweetie Pie’s Robbie Montgomery On Her Faith And Why She’s Standing By Son Tim Norman

    Sweetie Pie’s Robbie Montgomery On Her Faith And Standing By Son Tim Norman: ‘He Hasn’t Been Found Guilty’

    Robbie Montgomery of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s fame is speaking out about her son James Timothy Norman’s troubling legal situation and why, as his mother, she is supporting him through it. 

    The 81-year-old restaurateur behind the beloved Sweetie Pie’s soul food spots in St. Louis spoke with Black Enterprise to promote her new music and catch them up on her life. During the conversation, Tim was brought up, as Robbie was asked how she was coping with the allegations against him. Tim, who also appeared on Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, has being accused of setting up a murder-for-hire that ended in the death of Robbie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery, and of attempting to collect from a life insurance policy on Andre that he was the sole beneficiary of after the 21-year-old’s death. Tim has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder-for-hire, conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

    The singer and TV personality responded by saying her faith is what’s been keeping her going, that and the support of others. 

    “I’m believing this is going to turn out right. I’m praying,” she told the publication. “The whole world is praying for my family. We’re just getting up every day, going day by day. It’s not a good position to be in but God put this on me and I’m handling it and I know He’s not going to let me down. So my family is dealing with all of these issues.”

    She added, “After this there will be something else – did you pay the light bill? Then the gas bill is due. So life is like that and whatever it deals you, you just have to deal with it. It’s nothing I would reach in a barrel and pull out. I’m just doing the best that I can. And staying prayed up.”

    And while the court of public opinion has issued some strong judgments regarding Tim and the allegations against him, the actual case is at a “standstill” due to COVID, according to Ms. Robbie. Whatever the outcome may be, she is standing by her son, as she believes a mother should do.

    “We’re just waiting and praying for a miracle. After all, everyone has to realize he hasn’t been found guilty. That’s what he’s accused of so we don’t know what happened,” she said.

    “That’s my son. I mean it’s like a marriage – ‘til death do us part. I can’t give him back. When kids get in trouble, they’re still your kids,” she added. “No matter what happens, I’m still his mom and he’s got support and I’m praying my child gets out of this because like I say he hasn’t been found guilty but the world beat him up.”

    She says Tim is looking to come home but in the meantime, is trying to hold up as best as he can. She tries to keep him encouraged, and says that her family is “sticking together” through this tragedy.

    “This could happen to you. It happened to me. It could happen to anybody’s family,” she said. “We just have to go right on living. You don’t die when things happen. You just have to deal with it and what it takes.”


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