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    Talima Davis used her grandmother’s survival kits to create a skin care line with multiple purposes. Talima wasn’tborn with a silver spoon in her mouth, instead she grew up on baking soda. Her grandmother would use baking soda and vinegar to cook and clean. With that inspiration Talima inherited wisdom, creating a product that uses vegan ingredients for skin care. The product is called Limegreen and can be found on
    Talima used her grandmothers wisdom when her best friend Tamara was diagnosed with liver cancer. The friends were informed that Tamara’s liver cancer was due to environmental conditions. Talima then though that if she made the majority of products at home using natural ingredients it would be healthier and they would be aware of what ingredients are in their products.

    Talima’s concern the turned into a passion. Tamara considered calling the products Limegreen, deriving from Talima’s (Lima) and Green representing natural products.
    Talima would soon meet her business partner Allison through a mutual friend. The two discovered they had lived around each other for a long time. Allison was business savy and artistic, making a perfect component to the products success. Both women have backgrounds that enhance their ability to be successful. Talima has social media experience as she was a production manager for eleven years, and Allison was a creative director before Limegreen. Talima and Allison are pushing for Limegreen to become a home name item used in hotels, and major retailers.
    Talima admits that they come across challenges but Allison brings on the hustle and would eat through a wall. Talima’s best advice is to allow people to love your products instead of planning every detail, because numbers on paper can not tell you if people really want what you are try to sell.

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