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    Talks With MaMa Tina Alongside Zendaya and MaMa Stoermer

    Talks With MaMa Tina aired on Facebook Watch. Airing in Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson’s home over her famous gumbo, the exploratory conversation with Zendaya and her mother Claire Stoermer we were enlightened with some much needed goals that many women have. 


    Do you cook?, Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson asked. As Zendaya responded to the question, we could relate. “No, I would love to learn how to cook more. It’s a time thing too, and I also think if I had my dream kitchen it would inspire me to.” Raise your hand in the comments if this is you.


     Mama Tina and Mama Stoermer walk into the other room to talk about the journey of parenting a star. Claire Stoermer talks about how chill and grounded Zendaya has been as a star. Stoermer explains that Zendaya has plenty of brothers and sisters that keep her grounded. Zendaya’s mom is a former teacher from Oakland. 

    Talks With MaMa Tina 3

    Speaking on Zendaya becoming a star, her mom admitted that she was pretty shy, but was forced into basketball at the age of 5. The basketball thing was short lived. However, when Zendaya turned 8 she joined a hip hop dance group. As a child she begged to attend technical dance classes. 


    The family got a call informing them about opportunities in L.A. The family moved there and 6 months later she booked Disney. 


    Zendaya then enters the room. Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson reveals how she first met Zendaya on the set of “Lemonade”. Zendaya says she learned a lot from her mother, laughing about being a 10 lbs baby, she says the gift of education had a huge imprint on her.


    Living in L.A with her dad she admits that there were stressed out moments for her dad trying to manage the normal things that teen girls go through, in particular coping with her during her first menstrual period.


    Talks With MaMa Tina also spoke into opening the doors for many black businesses.

    Zendaya talked about her photoshoot featuring many black designers. “It’s not a lack of talent, It’s a lack of opportunity”.


    Not being able to work during the pandemic, Zendaya found herself exploring her creative, directing side with “Malcom and Marie”. She herself reached out for support on creating the show. 


    Get the full story by watching Talks With MaMa Tina below. Let us know how you enjoyed the show.

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