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    Tamar Braxton Advises Fans to Be Wary of People Who Are Dishonest

    Tamar Braxton has a word of advice for her fans.

    On April 8, she uploaded a now-deleted message to her Instagram story that reads, “A LIAR will tell people you are crazy to cover up their BULLSHT ‼️😪 don’t trust LIARS with ANYTHING!! A cap, IG post, your heart, your MONEY, nor your TIME😪😪👌 #stayunderconstruction.”

    Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

    Some readers attacked her message in the comments. One said, “Get off line and heal girl. Please.” But others had her back, telling people to not judge before understanding the message. “before people try to find a problem with this, she didn’t lie…,” wrote another person.

    Braxton even came into the comments to explain herself. She said, “I have a #podcast called #underconstruction🚧 … this is what this post is about. God bless y’all… remember to heal out loud🍀🙏🏼.”

    Although she ostensibly clarified the meaning of her message, it seems there may be something else going on that is troubling the mother of one. She later posted on Thursday, “Ima just cook. That heals everything 😪🙃,” and the next post had nothing but an enlarged rolling on the floor laughing emoji plastered on it.

    This all may have to do with the argument she and her ex-husband Vincent Herbert had earlier this week. Tamar was on a Live platform and could be seen and heard telling Herbert that he was “lying” about kissing a mystery woman. Braxton explained to Herbert that it was their son that came and told her that he saw Herbert kissing a woman. But the record executive stood firm on his claim that he did not.

    Braxton has been on her journey of healing since purportedly attempting to commit suicide last summer. At the time, she was dating Nigerian businessman David Adefeso, but that relationship ended in September after Adefeso accused her of hitting him in the “jugular” while he was driving. Since then she’s done numerous interviews about the matter and has decided to step away from reality television to instead start her own podcast.

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