Tamar Braxton Causes Debate Among Fans After She Shares Tips on How to Get a Husband


Tamar Braxton is spurring up a new debate that has her fans giving mixed reactions.

The youngest Braxton sibling recently uploaded and deleted a message addressing how one should look presentable when searching for a significant other. Using an ombre Instagram filter for her background she typed, “Whomever this is for…you Talking bout where my husband at??!!….while u out here looking like you at home.”

Tamar Braxton Photo:@tamarbraxton/Instagram

Further into her message, she reminded her followers that “anything worth having is worth an effort.” At first it seemed the announcement was targeted more toward her female fans after she proceeded to tell them how to “present yourself like a lady.” “Comb your hair, dust yourself,” she instructed but then at the end of she message, clarified that the message was for herself and hashtagged “sweatsuitqueen” at the end.

Becky, Linda, Sue, TAMAR… Put some clothes on and show em what you working with sis,” she continued writing in her caption. “That goes for me too! My comfortable ass. It’s giving…. We say “take me as I am” is sometimes taken out of context!! You wanna dress for success???? … but not be dressed for your spouse?? Yeah no.. success is success.”

Tamar Braxton receives backlash after instructing fans to pay attention to appearance before getting a partner.
(Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Some people agreed with Braxton. ”No fr.. when you look good, you feel good.. that’s all she’s saying..,” said one person. “I suppose I’ll get dressed tomorrow. I have been looking homeless for a little while now 😭” joked another.

While the message may have seemed harmless to some, especially since she repeated that it was a wake-up call for herself, others were not feeling it. One fan wrote, “But she can’t keep no man,” referring to the divorce she went through with her ex-husband Vincent Herbert and her very public breakup she had last year with ex-boyfriend David Adefeso.

Another person criticized the message after it reminded them of one that comedian Mo’Nique said a few months back that also sent many into an uproar. They wrote, “This is giving the same energy as that bonnet bs Monique was talking about.” The actress from the show “The Parkers” made several announcements pleading with her “sisters” to stop wearing their bonnets out in public and implied that it was not appealing.

Fans argued that they should be able to wear what they deem as comfortable, and some said they were annoyed that people always have critiques for a Black woman’s appearance.

The “Love and War” singer has yet to respond to the backlash.

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