Tamar Braxton Releases "My Man"


In the midst of the uproar with “The Braxton Family Values” and the girls meeting their fathers mistress-wife Tamar releases a new single called “My Man”. In light of all the scandals going on i.e La La and Carmelo etc. etc. this song is a woman’s anthem to how she really feels. Her lyrics speak on the denial of knowing that your man is cheating, the rumors that are spun around by people who just want to see you fall.
Verse 2
“Word around town
Is that you live with her
And you say she took your heart away
Oh baby
I told them that’s a lie
Cause I won’t hear no bullshit stories about my man”
The single features a picture of her mother and father with a broken heart. With “The Braxton Family Values” Season 6 The girls are introduced to their fathers wife. Viewers were shocked to hear that he had gotten married right after his divorce and that this was the first time some of the girls had met their fathers wife.
However, we are glad to see Tamar and Vince celebrating their love a few months back for their 8 year strong marriage, through the ups’ and downs’. Tamar lives “Love and War”.



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