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    Tamar Braxton Says She Was Scared To Talk To Mariah Carey

    On an episode of Dish Nation Tamar Braxton says she was scared to talk to Mariah Carey.

    The show aired “Getting to Know Tamar” where they drilled her with a few questions in regard to her openness of finding love.

    Tamar was asked if she would do a love reality show and if anyone has tried to holla. She replied saying, ” you know my dm’s have been desert storm. You know what that is? Completely dry. It’s not there. I think people associate me with being married or being in a relationship but I’m definitely not. I don’t know for sure if I’m looking, looking, but I might do a reality show looking for love because I could use all the help I can get at this moment.”

    The Dish Nation then asked her about her most embarrassing celebrity encounter. Tamar told the crew that she had a bunch. Tamar Braxton says she was scared to talk to Mariah Carey.

    ” Well, my first, I think the one that I remember the most is my celebrity encounter with Mariah Carey, she’s, my idol. She used to be my next-door neighbor and I went to her house for a party, and I could not speak to her. I know I came across very, very rude. She was talking to me, and I was just like … (smiling).”

    In addition to dishing her love life, and embarrassing moments she also revealed her favorite singer out of her sisters, excluding Toni Braxton.

    “I’m going to say my sister Traci. I enjoy her voice. I enjoy her last song, ‘Last Call’. There’s a quote in the song where she goes, “why is it so different when it comes to me.”

    “I’m here for it”.

    Tamar also says she is in the booth recording an album, and doing a scripted show in 2022, called “Kingdom Business”.

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