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    Tamar Braxton’s Snatched Body Get’s Viral Attention

    Tamar Braxton‘s body is giving “I’m That Girl” and socialites confirmed it. The singer shared an Instagram post on how Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album has transformed her life.

    During her clip shared on Aug. 3, Tamar, sported a short black dress with black heels. Meanwhile she grooved to a “Virgo’s Groove,” a track from Beyoncé’s seventh studio album.

    But while she danced, Braxton also snapped several poses in what appears to be a room in her home. Additionally, the 45-year-old mom captioned the post saying, “I needed this #renaissance … I haven’t felt this feminine and free in a long time.”

    Friends viewed the upload, many mentioned how wonderful Braxton’s body looked in the recording.

    B Simone wrote, “Bodyyyy oddyyyy”.

    Even Mama Tina commented saying, “You are gorgeous”.

    Tamar Braxton’s mom, Evelyn Braxton commented saying, ‘Absolutely beautiful ! Look at God”.

    Bobby Lytes posted saying, “Wow you’re so beautiful”.

    Among the previous remarks, others brought up how happy the “Love & War” vocalist has looked in her uploads. One wrote, “So happy to see you happy and looking amazing you are a powerful woman.” Another said, “Yes you’ve been looking so good lately and happy!!! You have this new glow! I mean you’ve always looked like a baddie but something different now.”

    A third Instagram user told Braxton to keep the good thing going on in her personal life because she looked “amazing” in her recent posts. That person wrote, “Nah Tamar looks AMAZING! Whatever is happening in my good sis life needs to remain! It’s giving me life!”

    This upload comes days after Braxton shared a video of herself dancing to Beyoncé’s new track “Church Girl.” Throughout the entire clip, Braxton is seen grinding and touching herself while staring directly into the mirror.

    She wrote in the caption, “Church girl… don’t hurt nobody.”

    Article Co-written by Diamond Jeune

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