Tammy Rivera Replies To Monte Stewart Family Left Heartbroken After Losing Case To Cop Joseph Reiman


Tammy Rivera pours her thoughts out for the family of of Monte Stewart was left heart broken and distraught after receiving news that they will not get the justice they were hoping for, following an incident with a NJ cop who was filmed punching their then-16-year-old boy repeatedly

It all happened On May 31, 2017. Hollywood Unlocked wrote, Carteret Police Officer Joseph Reiman was captured from a dash camera confronting Monte who took his father’s car without permission and crashed it. In one clip, you can see a cop pull up to Monte as he slowly exits the car. The teen can be seen dropping to the ground as if he is surrendering. Then, Reiman rushes to the boy and delivers a couple of blows to his face. The officer claims he was resisting arrest but Monte said he was just trying to protect his face from the punches. Monte says another officer was on the scene and also kicked him.

People who have been following the story saw Monte bloody graphic pictures and kept up with the latest updates believe there is something sketchy about this entire situation. Not only was it discovered that the officer’s body cameras were off, but another footage shows two other police officers from the same force discussing the situation, with one saying Reiman was complaining about his job before the incident, which may have been the reason he took his anger out on the boy. Another officer can be heard condemning Reiman actions, saying he’s been on the force for years and never had to “punch anyone if the face like that… ever.”

With all this information and clips provided, the Carteret police officer was found not guilty and acquitted on all charges Friday, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed. During court, Reiman said the case was a “persecution, not a prosecution” by the prosecutor’s office and he will be asking the state Attorney General’s Office to investigate.

The teen’s father was furious with the verdict on Friday.
“He beat my son!” the father shouted in court. “It’s only the white police [that] get away! We’re going to die out here!”

Many celebrities took to the Instagram post informing grammers about the news. Tammy Rivera displayed her concern and her solution to the injustice that many young black men see daily. She said ” They are not going to stop until we start killing them, Thee I said. Tammy Rivera expressed her solution with no remorse or hesitation. Do you feel that she is right?


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