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    There’s nothing like adding some skittles to your look with rainbow color hair. These colors match all complexions, and will be sure to have your flexin’. Rainbow hair has influenced pop culture, and if you’re not a basic chick then dive into it. Here are fifteen of some of the dopest rainbow influences for all skin tones, ages, and gender.

    1. Men can do it well. It doesn’t take a long hair no care to get a taste of the rainbow. You can ride the color in your waves.
    @thetrojanprince on instagram

    2. Do you remember the twist ropes in the 90’s. Literally every girl from the block knew how to twist these small plastic ropes into keychains. Well it looks doper in braids. @paulviio on instagram

    3. Kylie is so pop culture. Stormi’s mom doesn’t let mommy hood get in the way of staying cool for the summer, by rocking rainbow ombre braids.

    4. Long lock braids twisted to the back, with a nice drink.. sounds like summer bliss.
    @latchednhooked on instagram

    5. Unicorn rainbow highlights for kids are popping.
    @getbraidified on instagram

    6. Styling the braids with colored locks keeps the kids looking trendy and maintained during hot summer months.
    @theprinceandthep on instagram

    7. hot colors on one side cool colors on the other.
    @ugdameindustries on instagram

    8. The body wave ombre with a pop of pink lip.
    @beauty4lessmakeup on instagram

    9. If you’re going to do the hair why not do the eye lids too.
    @christylovesmakeup2 on instagram

    10. Shine bright like a diamond with rainbow curls.
    @cachoscomcor on instagram

    11. Remembering to keep the hair protected, try rainbow highlights.
    @colorbella on instagram

    12. Or… adding highlights to the tip with flips.
    @mobabe94 on instagram

    13. Make colors pop without changing your roots.
    @dear.rainbowhair on instagram

    14. Or lace the rainbow with a rainbow lace front.
    @anniedrea on instagram

    15. Blend natural color and curls with fun rainbow ends.
    @nealmhair on instagram

    16. Rainbow colors are so popping, even the track queen, Ashley Spencer is running in the race with rainbow influence.
    @thetrackqueen on instagram

    17. Rainbow hair and glitter, body goals.
    @anthocyanin on instagram

    18. What’s a rainbow without the king. King Amiyah Scott sporting a rainbow bone straight wig.
    @kingamiyahscott on instagram

    19. When Ivy meets rainbow.
    @ivyleaguestyles on instagram

    20. Blonde locks with cotton candy rainbow influence.
    @cosmoprofbeauty on instagram

    21. Incase you want a darker rainbow…This is definitely the way to go.
    @thehairstylish on instagram

    22. Play with the rainbow, and play with the braids.
    @leysahairandmakeup on instagram

    23. Cardi takes the rainbow to the casino, accompanied by her hubby and baby bump.
    @iamcardib on instagram

    24. Woah Vicky not influenced by Tekashi 69.
    @woahvicky_ on instagram

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