Monday, October 3, 2022
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    Texas church victims hero’s unite on Monday. Johnnie Langendorff and Stephen Willeford showed to the Texas massacre vigil. Stephen Willeford lived across the street from the Baptist Church, where he could hear the shots fired. Willeford said he heard shot after shot and decided to grab his gun. As he pulled up to the church he exchanged fire with Devin Patrick Kelley.

    Devin Patrick Kelley then escaped in his truck. Across the street was Johnnie Langendorff truck. Willeford yelled “that guy just shot up the Baptist church. We need to stop him,” . Langendorff and Willeford took off in Langendorff truck after Kelley.
    They chased the gunman Kelley for 11 miles going 95 mph. Finally, Kelley lost control of his truck and crashed into a ditch. Police found him dead, with gunshot wounds, one of them self-inflicted. Families of the victims say they know their families are in Heaven. They are thankful for the Hero’s.

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