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    Teyana Taylor Thanks Beyonce

    Teyana Taylor reminisces with Allure Magazine on growing up, falling in love with make up and becoming a star. She talks about how she fell in love with her obsession of eye brows while going to the store with her mom.
    She admits her younger experience of make up was a bit heavy, but now the flawless Teyana is a pro.
    During her pregnancy make up was not her favorite facial palette. She states she wore coconut oil and shea butter. The artist is also investing in her daughter, noting that Junie has her opinions on the fabrics for her hair wrap collection called Baby Budda Bugs. She say if Junie doesnt like a fabric style she will turn away from it, and the ones she loves she will grab on to.

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    Teyana reflects on her younger music career and dancing. A fan of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”, Teyana would dress in her mothers clothes and dance with her cousin to the beat. Her passion lead her to choreographing dance moves for a lot of groups.

    She says Beyonce may have been a big part of her success in Jay Z’s music video “Blue Magic”. Teyana saw Beyonce’s excitement of her dancing, telling Jay Z “I told you she was a star”. Teyana took a moment to thank aunt Bey for believing in her success.

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