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    The Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Birthday Gifts For December Baby’s

    Are you trying to figure out the best last minute Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for December birthdays. Well, the proof is in the in the trend.

    One of the biggest trends right now are bathtub tray caddy’s. These things are everywhere. If you are a big traveler and enjoy a nice room with a bathtub or are looking to spruce up your “Me Time” in your own bathtub, then these tray caddy’s are all the rave. They complement the room in wood colors, black, or luxury designs.

    Furthermore, it’s so minimalist for free standing tubs, which are so in right now.

    The best part is, having your wind down elements right in front of you while relaxing.

    Which is why the next best gift is wine glasses. Wine glasses will never go out of style. Especially, the stemless wine glasses. These look chic. They are less likely to end up knocked over. We know how upsetting it is when someone accidentally hits a wine glass stem and shatters or spills a drink everywhere. Stemless wine glasses are more noticeable and less likely to get the drunk hand. Plus, they sit in perfectly on a bathtub tray caddy.

    Finally, bathroom plants add to the serenity. A mom recently used plants to rid mold in her bathroom.  Lisa Leskiw, 44, bought a spider plant, a sansevieria – also known as a snake plant – and a peace lily after a friend suggested it may help fix the problem.

    She placed the plants in various spaces.

    “At first I wasn’t hopeful, but after a few days of them being underneath the mold it started to clear up.

    “I’ve now been mold free for over a month for the first time in seven years which feels wonderful.”

    Giving serenity pieces for last minute Christmas gifts are always welcoming, and typically always used.

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