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    The Chicago Purge Facts About the Safe T ACT May Help Black and Brown Chicago

    The Chicago purge is what many are referring to when they bring up the Safe T Act. Partly due to the widespread media posting details from Keith Pekau. But Pekau’s break down of what the Safe T act will do is twisted from the fact checks.

    Many Black activists are behind the Safe T act, or what some think is the Chicago purge and here’s why.

    During a phone interview with Capitol News Illinois, House chair of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, said the SAFE-T Act was the “first stab” at addressing public safety issues and police distrust in minority communities.

    “There is no such thing as perfect legislation, but I think all legislation can be perfected if it’s handled the right way,” Buckner said.

    The Chicago purge that many are referring to since Keith Pekau’s speech isn’t really a purge.

    During fact checking the plan will not release criminals on to the streets. But for new incidents going forward any police reports that end in detaining an individual will have detaining boundaries. For instance, the state requires all detainees must have a hearing with 48 hours. Many times, hearings are held for days and in some instances months. Which means an innocent person could be sitting behind bars for a long time for a crime they didn’t even commit.

    This leads to cash bail reform.

    Many times, financially fortunate individuals are bailed out of jail prior to full investigations. But for some innocent and less fortunate detained individuals, their financial situations may keep them behind bars. Even though they are innocent, until they are innocent until proven guilty.

    In cases like Joaquin Ciria, who spent 60 years behind bars after being exonerated for Murder, or John Galvan and Arthur Almendarez who spent 35 years in prison for crimes they did not commit, these laws imposing promptness on trials and cash bail reform make a difference.

    Furthermore, the law protects the rights of individuals who are detained to have better communication with concerned loved ones. The law allows detained individuals three phone calls within three hours after arriving at the new place of custody. Even when moving between locations.

    The law also focuses on cracking down excessive force.

    Deadly force used during escapes are being reformed as well. Within the Safe T Law, officers are only authorized to use deadly force if that person is likely to harm others and cannot be caught at a later time.

    The SAFE-T Act requires turned on cameras during all times when the officer is in uniform. Also, when responding to calls for any law enforcement-related encounter. But The camera can be turned off if circumstances prevent it from being on. Officers inside a correctional facility or patrol car with functioning camera systems do not have to have bodycam turned on.

    During his explanation Kam Buckner said, the people who are peddling lies about the SAFE-T/Pre Trial-Fairness Act are doing so to distract people from the truth and stoke fear. They want you scared of what they say will happen on January 1 so that you forget the insurrection they funded on January 6.

    Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true.

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