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    The Crowd Was Waiting For ASAP Rocky and Rihanna At New York Fashion Week 2022

    ASAP Rocky and Rihanna at New York Fashion Week 2022 was more than lit. ASAP Rocky sported his Mercer and Prince white T, while Rihanna looked flawless in a lbd.

    The couple celebrated at the Mercer and Prince launch party which is ASAP Rocky’s black owned Whiskey brand.

    He joins many other celebs who have their own line of spirits and wines including, Mariah Carey, and P Diddy. The party was held at Canary Club in NYC on Friday night.

    During a press release he said, “I’m so excited and grateful to finally introduce Mercer + Prince to the world. I have been learning about whisky from all over the world for the past decade and wanted to defy the rules to create something unique, while honoring and respecting industry traditions.”

    In March, the multi-hyphenated artist launched Mercer + Prince. co-developed with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo, which sold out in just a week but has now been restocked at before hitting store shelves later this summer. ASAP Rocky’s signature whisky sells at $32.  The Mercer + Prince batches are known to sell quickly.

    Additionally, Spirit of Gallo vice president Britt West spoke out about the whisky.

    “When we broke down the subsets of whisky, we really didn’t see that there was a whole lot of innovation in the competition.

    Additionally stating, “We think we can breathe new life into the category. Canadian whisky has been dominated by two things by lower-end whisky or one large player at the top. It’s time for some fresh thinking.”

    Mercer + Prince was crafted to defy the traditional norms surrounding whisky production and is a nod to A$AP Rocky’s favorite cross streets in New York City. Mercer + Prince is a blended Canadian whisky influenced by Japanese Mizunara oak, presented in an eye-catching two-cup bottle design, originally a napkin sketch by Rocky.

    By time the party was over, ASAP Rocky had broken a sweat. Fans waited outside to get a glimpse of ASAP Rocky and Rihanna at New York Fashion Week 2022 event.

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