The death Toll in Northern California Rises to 42


The death toll in Northern California rises to 42. The state has confirmed the totaling of deaths in different cities. Authorities counted 23 from Sonoma City, 22 from Tubbs, and 1 from Nuns. Mendocino County totaled eight deaths. Napa County totaled seven deaths. Yuba County death rate counted four.
The deadliest of the fires were in Tubbs County. However 80% of the fire has been contained as of Wednesday morning. Residents of Sonoma County evacuation have been able to return home. However, residents in burn areas are still barred from returning home. Mandatory evacuations for Napa county were also lifted. Emergency Personnel still remain working in Napa, leaving some roads closed.
In Mendocino County, the Redwood fire has been contained 70% as of Tuesday night. Residents are able to return home in Mendocino. However 680 structures have been destroyed.
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