The Nation’s First Black-Owned Distillery Will Be Making Its Way To The Skies With New Delta Partnership


The Nation’s First Black-Owned Distillery Will Be Making Its Way To The Skies With New Delta Partnership
Credit: Chris Montana

Your flying experience just got a major upgrade.

Starting this month, Delta will offer Du Nord’s Foundation Vodka on all domestic flights. The distillery, which is based in Minneapolis and is the first Black-owned distillery in the United States, has partnered with Delta to serve its Foundation Vodka.

Led by founder Chris Montana, Du Nord’s mission is to diversify the craft alcohol community and as a Black-owned distillery, partnerships like those with Delta are bringing their spirits to new heights.

“We call this a partnership because they’re making it possible for one of the smallest companies in the country to work with one of the largest,” said Montana.

The launch of Du Nord’s vodka on domestic flights comes as Delta has been refreshing its onboard food and beverage menus as it restores its in-flight service to what it was pre-pandemic. Delta also brought on Brown Estate, the first and only Black-owned estate winery in California’s Napa Valley, to their beverage roster as well in 2019.

“Working with suppliers who not only provide us with the best products but also help us offer products that are made by people who reflect the communities we serve is a meaningful demonstration of our core values at work,” said Mike Henny, Delta Managing Director, Onboard Service Operations.

While Delta began serving Du Nord Foundation Vodka on its domestic flights on Oct. 1, other Du Nord spirits will start to be offered on the airline in 2022 and eventually added to international flights as well, according to a press release.

As a small distillery, they couldn’t initially produce the demand needed to supply Delta. “When Delta first started talking to us about this, it was nowhere near possible for us to do any of the things they were talking about,” says Montana. “We had to envision a future where we were back on our feet, then able to do what they needed.”

Du Nord Social Spirits says they will give a portion of sales from their vodka on Delta flights to their Du Nord Foundation.

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