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    The New York City truck attackers plan has been revealed. The attacker claims his plan to attack was done on Halloween because he assumed more people would be out. His intentions were to hurt as many as he could.
    Sayfullo Saipov learned his tactics through Isis media and books. One of the books released had a backdrop of Chicago. Chicagoans are on top security of truck rentals and potentially harmful chemicals for sale.

    According to WGN News reports, the books contained clear concise instructions on how to attack with a motor vehicle. The instructions marking the second deadliest terror attack in New York.

    Sayfullo Saipove came to the United States in 2010. He entered on the visa lottery program. Neighbors of Saipove say they would have never expected this. Saipove even saved his neighbor from an attack by his friends. President Trump is now trying to rid the Visa lottery pool.

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