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    The Painted Window transforms stained glass to mural masterpieces

    Friday, September 8, 2023 5:01PM

    From stained glass to mural masterpieces

    RUNNEMEDE, N.J. — The Painted Window is the artistic studio and creative endeavor of Kenneth Leap, an architectural stained glass designer, painter, muralist, and advocate for the arts.

    Leap incorporates high-quality, mouth-blown glass imported from Germany, which offers a wide range of colors and unique characteristics.

    Using specialized glass-based pigments, he meticulously paints and applies them to the surface of the glass before firing it in a kiln, creating stunning, three-dimensional pieces.

    In addition to his stained glass work, Leap also embraces outdoor mural painting.

    This shift was prompted by the pandemic, allowing him to reach a broader audience and engage in community-based projects.

    Painting murals provides him with a sense of freedom and immediacy compared to working with glass.

    Through his art, Leap seeks to create meaningful connections and touch people’s lives.

    He draws inspiration from historic works, incorporating his own vision and interpretations into his designs.

    As an artist, Leap sees himself as a vessel or tool, co-creating with the Divine, and he considers it a privilege to work with a medium as timeless as stained glass.


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