There’s a sister behind the money moves Akon makes, and literally she is his sister. Khady doesn’t manage just one of her brothers, she is the Queen to both of their thrones. She makes boss moves for their brother Abou Thiam, known to the industry as “BU”.

So how did Khady get her start? She explained to Black Enterprise that she received her bachelor’s degree in public relations. “I immediately started as Akon’s executive assistant right out of college. From there, I went on to be the project manager for Akon Lighting Africa, where I lead the PR strategy that ultimately helped spread the message and expose the initiative’s efforts globally. After such a successful run, I decided to go back to school and received my master’s in entrepreneurship and started my consulting company TMI Worldwide”.
Khady is the founder of TMI Worldwide, the COO for KonLive, and chief brand officer for Bu Vision Entertainment. In addition to running these extremely successful operations, she provides strategic solutions to companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers on how to grow, expand, and maintain their brands.

Khady says she is driven when it comes to her brothers careers, telling Black Enterprise “The fact that they are family makes me go even harder. We are all so close and I know that in the end, them succeeding means success for me”. 
Khady is also building a legacy for her family. She is a wife, a mother, in and a daughter. She plans to launch an online school dedicated to entrepreneurs and creators to help guide them through their careers as well as get them on the right track to creating their family legacy. 

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