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    Three Black Women Harassed By A Target Customer Know As Target Teresa

    Three Black Women were harassed at a Target store in Tennessee. A women approached them after over hearing a conversation she thought was in appropriate. The women were reportedly discussing the 1992 movie Boomerang when the woman, who’s since earned herself the nickname “Target Teresa,” cornered them in the aisle.

    According to three women who want to remain anonymous, they were just shopping at a Tennessee Target last week when they were accosted in an aisle by a white woman who told them they “don’t belong here” and called them “trained liars” when they tried to explain themselves, Yahoo reports.

    “My cousin and I were visiting my best friend from out of state and we stopped by Target to buy a phone charger, I told my friend to try on a hat that looked like something Eartha Kitt’s character would wear in the film, and she said no because her character had sex with a younger man.”

    Target Teresa apparently overheard the word “sex” and somehow figured that was an appropriate reason to start harassing a handful of total strangers. “You were talking about sex in public,” she shouts in video footage from a since-deleted Facebook post. “Are you having sex in public? Because that’s what you screamed out loud.”

    Although, it was none of Teresa’s business, the three women were kind enough to try to explain to Target Teresa that they were just talking about a movie, but that only made the lady angrier. Target Teresa became more irrational, accusing them of being “trained liars.”

    Eventually, Target employees intervened and tried to diffuse things, reportedly remaining calm and hearing the two parties out, but Target Teresa was apparently still complaining to the workers after the women left the store.

    Via Vice

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