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    Tiffany Haddish Goes Bald Not Crazy – Women in Comedy

    Tiffany Haddish is not afraid of going bald, in fact she urges people to calm down and that she is not going crazy.

    The Actress and comedian went to Instagram to talk about the wild assumptions of her mental state saying, “Why when a woman decides, hey, I’m going to cut this hair off because I wanna see my scalp, she gotta have a mental problem? Nothing is wrong with my brain you guys. I’m not suffering from no emotional sh-t nothing.”

    After explaining that she’s been “talking about this for years,” the 40-year-old said her motivation for shaving off her hair is to see her scalp and to see where every single mole is on her body, including her head.

    “I’ma still be fine as f-ck. Niggas is still gone try to f-ck, guys, don’t worry,” Tiffany said addressing the assumption that men won’t like her as much with less hair up top. “There’ll be plenty of d-ck for me and it will grow back,” the comedian assured. “I’m not tripping,” she told her fans.

    While getting her hair cut Tiffany joked saying “I’m not used to vibrators on my head,” and warned her ex boyfriend to NOT contact her because they are already cut off. Tiffany also pointed out some of her spots of gray hair.

    Once her hair was completely cut Tiffany Haddish boasted about how she felt about her bald head. While her barber was rubbing her scalp Tiffany said, she had never felt her scalp being rubbed like that. Tiffany enjoy the cut with some lobster tails as a treat and chatted with comedian Michael Blackson. Blackson joked saying Tiffany looked handsome for a girl. The joke spiraled into him calling his girlfriend in the room to see Tiffany’s new haircut and to see if Tiffany could take his woman.

    Tiffany is enjoying her baldness like a boss.

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