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    Tim Rozon On Wynonna Earp, Schitt’s Creek, And More

    17. Wynonna Earp Season 2 was special for a lot of reasons, namely having Melanie Scorfano’s real-life pregnancy written in. Do you have a favorite moment from that season?

    There’s a moment when Doc and Wynonna have a little interaction in the kitchen and we’re standing in the doorway, and before I leave, I stop and put my hand on her belly. That wasn’t in the script, some things just happen between Mel and I in the moment. But, right when I did that, the baby kicked. She looked at me and I looked at her and our genuine reactions are in the show. It was surreal. That was the only time in a scene where I knew it was more Melanie than Wynonna.

    18. What’s your favorite Doc Holliday line?

    It’s not one he said, it’s the one that he wrote: “I am all in.” There have been times over the years where I’ve read the script and I’m just floored by a line, and that was one of them. Just the fact that he wanted to be a good dad made me proud.

    BuzzFeed: And you actually wrote the note right?

    Yeah, which is crazy because people have gotten that tattooed. I wish I worked on my penmanship in school.

    19. Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes memory from Wynonna Earp?

    There are just so many. I always think about the episode Melanie directed and the scene when Waverly, Officer Haught, and I are running around and then Greg Lawson is just naked. The best moment during all of that ridiculousness was I just look over and I see Scrofano at the monitor with just the biggest smile, just watching her idiots. We’re such a good family that it was great to see the pride in another person watching.

    Also, the episode when I am buried in the house. They buried me alive for real and it was just easier for me to stay buried than to get dug out every take. So I was like, “Guys, I’ll just sit here.” And they were like, “What?” I didn’t care that I had to lie there in the dirt. My makeup artist decided to lie there next to me. The SFX guys gave me a little cactus the next day that said, “Thanks for not being a prick.” There are so many special moments with the cast and crew over the years because it’s a great family.

    20. Was there ever a moment while filming Wynonna Earp where the cast just could not stop laughing?

    Normally, I’m the one who keeps it together the most, so people try and get me to break. But there was the first Jolene scene where we were all sitting around eating those cakes. It was really late on like a Friday night and everybody’s eating stuff. We just went nuts. I don’t know where all the footage is, but they probably couldn’t use like half of it. Once Dom, Kat [Barrell], and Mel are gone, it’s over.

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