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    Tina Knowles-Lawson Speaks Out On GMA About New Docuseries “The Black Man”

    Tina Knowles-Lawson appeared on GMA ( Good Morning America ) to talk about the new Discovery Channel docuseries ” The Black Man “. The project as she refers to it, is a love letter to black men.

    Speaking with Gayle King, Tina Knowles-Lawson spoke out about the stereotype black men go through compared to other races.

    Gayle King: ” Really striking, you have a black man and a white man who have the same build, weighed the same, had the same body build but yet when the survey was asked people automatically said that the black man was more muscular and looked more dangerous. Which I find fascinating when you have two side by side looking the same way other than the color of their skin. What do we do to change that way of thinking?

    Tina Knowles-Lawson: ” Well I think, you know when Trell brought this, Trell Thomas, the guy who actually talked about these problems and wanted to do something so badly to develop these stereotypes, I said we will get together, and we will work on this and make it a great thing. What I said to the producers is, I know if we put this series on BET or one of the black stations that we already know that our men are not dangerous, and that they are good fathers and all of these things.”

    “Who needs to see it are the people who are at home, or the white people who don’t understand that is so, and they have been fed a lot of nonsense through the media and all these horrible stereotypes. ”

    Tina Knowles-Lawson went on to say she applaud The Discovery Channel for airing this docuseries.

    Gayle also asked Lawson about Beyonce being nominated for an Oscar for “King Richard” original song. Mama Tina replied explaining, if you wanted her to be honest, Beyonce should have been nominated before.

    ” The Black Man ” docuseries airs on The Discovery Channel on Feb. 12 on Discovery Plus, and “Uprooted,” which debuts on Feb. 18, additional titles that will be featured on the “Black Voices” hub are “The Great Soul Food Cook Off,” “Remix My Space With Marsai Martin,” “Love & Marriage Huntsville,” “Black Love,” “Dr. Mercy,” “Home Grown,” “Family or Fiance,” “Burger Truck Brawl,” “Where Do We Go From Here?,” “(In)visible Portraits,” “Super Soul,” “Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall,” “The Legacy of Black Wall Street,” “OWN Spotlight: Oprah + 100 Black Fathers,” “Reno My Rental,” “Ghost Brothers: Lights Out,” “Home Grown” and “Doubling Down with the Derricos.”

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